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Revelation 5

The Title Deed to the Earth

The book of Revelation brings the battle that started at the beginning of history when Satan rebelled—resulting in mankind’s plunge into sin and loss of dominion over Earth—to a glorious conclusion as Jesus Christ returns claims what is rightly His!
The Title Deed to the Earth—“Worthy is the Lamb”—Revelation 5
Chapter 1—Meet our Glorious Commander
Chapter 2 & 3—Rally letters to His Ambassadors prior to the battle.
Chapter 4 & 5—Ambassadors come home; music is prepared, preparations for war are made.


I. The Scroll (5:1-4)
1. Who has it? (v.1)
2. Who was found to open it? (v.2-3)
3. John’s response (v.4)
The Earth would now be left in its state of being cursed and the
devil would continue to reign.
II. The Lion and the Lamb (5:5-7)
1. The description of the Lord (v. 5-6)

2. He alone is worthy. (5:7)
III. The Songs—Preparation for battle (5: 8-14)
1. The Song of the redeemed (v. 8-10)

2. The Song of the angelic realm (v. 11-12)

3. The Song of every creature (v. 13-14)