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Revelation 4

The Throne Room of Heaven

Chapter 1—Meet our Glorious Commander
Chapter 2 & 3—Rally letters to His Ambassadors prior to the battle.
Chapter 4 & 5—Ambassadors come home; music is prepared, preparations for war are made.

Introduction (4:1)

I. A Description of the One on the Throne (4:2-3)
1. A jasper and sardius stone—

II. Those around the Throne (4:4-8)
1. A rainbow in appearance like an emerald—

2. 24 thrones and elders—

3. lightnings, thunderings, and voices—

4. 7 Spirits of God—

5. Sea of Glass, like crystal—

6. 4 living creatures—

III. The Worship of the Lord (4: 9-11)
1. the casting of crowns—

2. the song to be sung—