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Revelation 2:12-17

Pergamos-The Church That Compromised

The book of Revelation brings the battle that started at the beginning of history when Satan rebelled—resulting in mankind’s plunge into sin and loss of dominion over Earth—to a glorious conclusion as Jesus Christ returns to Earth and claims what is rightly His!
Letters to the Seven Churches–
#2 Pergamos—The Church that Compromised!
The headquarters of Satan was located at Pergamos. Careful attendance to this letter will help up to loose the hold that Satan and the world has on the church and Christians. Satan wants to destroy the church!
I. The History of the City
1. It was not a port city like Ephesus or Smyrna, but on a clear day you could see the Aegean Sea.
2. Pergamos has 2 ideas in its name: marriage (gamos); and elevation—heights. The city was totally dedicated to idol worship. Its main temple was to Zeus.
3. It had a library of 200,000 scrolls, all handwritten. It was the pride of the city.
4. The chief symbol of the city was a snake (worshipped as a god). A temple was dedicated to Asclepius, depicted as a man with a staff and a snake coiled around the staff. It was a serpent-god of healing.
5. It was a city full of universities, cathedrals, and royalty. For 400 years it had been the capital of Asia Minor,
6. The Smyrna church grew stronger with persecution so Satan changed his tactics. He caused the church to compromise their standards and beliefs—elevate them to worldly status—marry them to the world system.

II. The Description of Jesus Christ—2:12
1. “He who has the sharp two-edged sword” The sword of judgment in Christ’s mouth. The Word of God is our authority.
III. The Approval—2:13
1. It was a productive church (I know your works) in a dangerous area (Satan’s throne was in the city).
2. They held fast to His name and did not deny the faith—Antipas was an example of one who did not compromise and died for it.

IV. The Condemnation—2:14-15
1. They held to the doctrine of Balaam (Numbers 25; Jude 11; 2 Cor. 6; ) God hates compromise. If the church and the world are not different—nobody will get saved. Why have both if they are the same? Some Christians say “it doesn’t matter what I do…” it will wreck your Christian life and service to our King.

2. They held to the doctrine of the Nicolatians
NT-2 offices: pastors and deacons
2nd cent—bishops over pastors and deacons’
3rd cent—bishops over bishops known as “papa”
4th cent—archbishops over bishops
5th cent—roman bishop as supreme head over all churches

V. The Counsel—2:16
1. Repent—quit doing contrary to God’s Word. Stop living like the world and be separated from it. We will be judged by God’s Word.

VI. The Promise—2:17
1. He will give of the hidden manna Vs the meat offered to idols.
2. He will give us a white stone. Maybe entrance to reward ceremony or acquittal.
3. with a new name. Very intimate—Jesus cares for us so much!

Be like Antipas!—One against all. No compromise!