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Revelation 1:9-20

A Vision of the Risen Savior

The book of Revelation brings the battle that started at the beginning of history when Satan rebelled—resulting in mankind’s plunge into sin and loss of dominion over Earth—to a glorious conclusion as Jesus Christ returns to Earth and claims what is rightly His!

I. The commission to write (1:9-11)
1. John, the apostle loved by Jesus
A. your brother—great humility—he could have said he was the last and most loved of all the apostles

B. your companion (partaker)—
i. in the tribulation—general, not 70th week

ii. in the kingdom

iii. in the patience of Jesus Christ

2. on the island of Patmos (10 miles by 6 miles wide) on the Lord’s Day.
A. banished for the same “crime” he was guilty of for over 63 years—preaching the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
B. write in a book and send to 7 churches.

II. The source of that commission (1: 12-16)
Meet the Commander of the Heavenly Armies who will defeat Satan.
1. The events of verses 10-20 take place instantly…I heard, I turned to see, I saw Him, I fell at His feet.
2. Jesus is in the midst of the churches, is the light of the world through the churches, and values the church.
Jesus is the Son of Man—He will do what Adam failed to do. He is the God-Man!
Jesus is our High Priest (garment and sash) and purifies the church so the light can shine to the world. Lev. 24: 3-4
Jesus speaks authoritatively to the church.
Jesus controls His church holding the 7 stars in His hand.
Jesus protects His church.
Jesus reveals His glory through the church.

III. The details of what John will write and the Giver of that commission (1: 17-20)
1. Jesus is the First and the Last.
He lives and was dead and lives forevermore.
He has the keys of Hades and of Death.

2. John was to write about 3 time periods.
A. that which he had seen (the risen Christ—Rev. 1)

B. the things which are presently (the church age—Revelation 2-3)

C. the things which will take place after this (the 70th week of Daniel 9; the return of Jesus Christ; the binding of Satan; the establishment of the kingdom on Earth; the Eternal State—Revelation 4-22)