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Revelation 1:1-8

The Book That Holds a Blessing

The book of Revelation brings the battle that started at the beginning of history when Satan rebelled—resulting in mankind’s plunge into sin and loss of dominion over Earth—to a glorious conclusion as Jesus Christ returns to Earth and claims what is rightly His!
1. The nature of the book is _____________________________. 1:1
“The revelation…”

2. The theme of the book is to know _____________ ____________1:1
“…of Jesus Christ…”

3. The source of the book is ____________ the Father. 1:1
“…which God gave Him…”

4. The type of book is _________________________. 1:1
“…to show His servants…”

5. The timing of the book is _____________________1:1
“…things which must shortly take place.”

1:1b-2 We are eavesdropping on the gift of this book which God the Father gave to His Son who gave it to an angel to give to John.

6. The benefit of this book is a great _______________________. 1:3
We must read it, hear it, and obey it. The time is near!

7. The time is ________________. 1:3b
“for the time (seasons, eras, etc…) is near! URGENCY!!
Paul wrote 7 different letters to 7 different churches.
John wrote 1 letter to 7 different churches.
1. Grace & peace from…the GODHEAD!
A. God the Father—from Him who was & is & is to come
B. God the Holy Spirit—from the seven Spirits who are
before His throne
C. God the Son—from Jesus Christ
i. the faithful witness—

ii. the firstborn from the dead—

iii. the ruler over the kings of the Earth—

This book will put you at ease when it comes to the problems of this world! “God is real power clothed in apparent powerlessness. Evil is real powerlessness clothed in apparent power.” D. Jeremiah

1. To Him (Jesus Christ) wh0—
A. loved us—now we must love Him in return
B. washed us (loosed us—set us free) from our sins in His own blood (SUBSTITUTIONARY DEATH)—now we must not go back into sin’s bondage.
C. made us kings and priests—now we must act like His royal family.

1. The presentation of the King—1:7
2. The eternal program of the King—1:8 He is in charge!