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A Panoramic View of the Bible-Daniel 9:24-27

“Daniel’s 70th Week”


In order to understand the flow and purpose of the book of Revelation we must understand the difference between the rapture of the church and the return of Jesus Christ in power and great glory (2nd coming). We will also look at Daniel’s prophecy of the 70th week to see the purpose of that “week” and verify that there is a gap of at least 7 years from the rapture to the return. Key: Israel and the Church are two different groups God works with.
Contrast between the…
1. Christ comes ________________ His own.
(John 14:2; I Thes 4:17; II Thes 2:1)

2. He comes in the _________________.
(I Thes 4:17)

3. He _______________ His bride.
(I Thes 16-17)

4. The removal of ________________________.
(I Thes 4:17)

5. ________________ His own see Him.
(I Thes 4:13-15)

6. ____________________________ begins.
(II Thes 1:6-9)

7. The saved are _________________from wrath.
(I Thes 1:10; 5-8)

8. _________ __________ precede the rapture.
(I Thes 5:1-3)

9. Focus: The __________ and the ______________.
(I Thes 4:13-18)

10. __________________ is deceived.
(II Thes 2:3-12)

11. The Rapture is a ___________________.
(I Cor 15:51)

The issue for the Thessalonians is not that they missed the rapture (they would have known that) but rather they have entered the time of Tribulation – the 70th week of Daniel 9.

No believer can miss the rapture!
1. He comes _______________ His own.
(Rev 19:14, Jude 14)

2. He comes to the ___________________.
(Zech 14:4, Acts 1:11)