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A Panoramic View of the Bible: Genesis-Exodus



“From Abraham to Moses”

2 kingdoms—Put into simplest form, all history can be summed up by a conflict of 2 kingdoms. The kingdom of darkness (Satan’s rebellion) and the Kingdom of Light (God’s rule).
2 men—The Bible is Truth about two men (Adam and his generations) and Christ
(and His children).

1. Creation (Gen.1-2) About 4000 B.C.
2. The rebellion of Satan and his angels (Is. 14, Ez. 28)
3. The fall of mankind (Gen. 3)
4. The promise of a redeemer (Gen 3:15) the battle begins
5. Cain murders Abel (Gen. 4)
6. The Satanic contamination of the race of mankind (Gen. 6)
7. The flood of Noah (Gen. 6-9)
8. The establishment of Satan’s earthly kingdom (Gen. 10-11)
A. Nimrod and his kingdom in the land of Shinar (Babylon)-Gen.10:9,10
B. The city and Tower of Babel (Gen. 11)-Isaiah 13-14; Rev.17-18
C. Different languages and nations formed as a result of war between the kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of God
*God begins to establish His kingdom and capital city on earth. He brings into existence a new nation, Israel, from which He will rule. God chooses one man out of all the world to start this nation-Abraham.
9. The unconditional covenant with Abraham (Gen. 12) About 2000 B.C.
A. Three promises in this covenant-
1. Physical land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Deut. 28-30
2. Physical Descendants-God guaranteed there will always be Israeli’s on this earth, even the King-2 Sam. 7:12-16
3. Spiritual blessings-God promised that all of His blessings woild flow through Israel-salvation, the Savior, etc. Jer. 31:31-34; Ez. 36:24-27
B. Abraham offers Isaac-Gen.22
C. Isaac not mentioned again until he comes for his wife. Gen. 24:62. A picture of Jesus on the cross and resurrection for our sin; He ascends to Heaven and is next seen in the Rapture coming for His bride-the Church.
D. Jacob & Esau-the older (Esau) shall serve the younger (Jacob)-whose name is changed to Israael). Esau (married Canaanite wives & desired to kill Jacob) Gen. 27:41. The beginning of antisemitism-Amalek grandson of Esau (36:12)
E. Because of famine in the “kingdom” land of promise the family descended into Egypt for 430 years.
10. The nation Israel arises out of Egypt
A. Satan tries to destroy the Messianic line by having all of the baby boys killed Ex. 1:16-22. God chose, protected, and raised up Moses to bring the nation out of physical slavery into the “kingdom” land of promise.
B. After the 10th plague and their liberation from Egypt, Israel found themselves trapped-the Red Sea in front, Pharaoh’s army behind. Satan appears to be ready to win-but God opens the seaand His children escape (Ex.14). After the escape from Pharaoh’s army (led by Satan), a song of Moses is sung-after the escape of 7 yearsof the Antichrist seeking to kill them the future believing Jewish people will sing a song of Moses (Rev. 15:3-4)
C. While Moses is receiving the law (to restrain evil and reveal the sinfulness of man’s heart [Gal. 3:15-4:5] until Messiah comes), Satan leads Israel into apostasy by building a golden calf. Ex. 32
D. God provides a way to cover sin-the sacrificial system. God set up a priesthood (24 orders-Rev.4:4). Willful sin had no sacrifice-only death. Other sins required the death of an animal. This was a picture of the future death of Christ on the cross and a deliverance from temporal judgment from breaking the Law. God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle so He could dwell with His people. Ex. 25:8. God’s goal is to be able to dwell with makind. Rev. 21:3
E. The nation rejects the Promised Land. Numbers 13-14. Satan wants to prevent the Messiah from coming, Israel from being a source of God’s blessing, and he wants them out of the land. 38 more years in the wilderness, Moses dies and Joshua will bring the people into the Promised Land (Kingdom)

Satan has blinded the eyes of the world. Are you willing to enter the spiritual battle and share the gospel with the lost this week?
Are you in God’s kingdom or Satan’s?
One of Satan’s methods is to tempt us to apathy. Are you concerned about your own and other’s spitiual welfare?
Are you an obedient follower of Jesus Christ?
We are His ambassadors and soldiers. Guard your testimony. Get in the Word. Stay in prayer.