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A Panoramic View of the Bible: Genesis 1-3



“From Creation to the Fall of Man”

2 KINGDOMS—Put into simplest form, all history can be summed up by a conflict of 2 kingdoms. The kingdom of darkness (Satan’s rebellion) and the Kingdom of Light (God’s rule).
2 MEN—The Bible is Truth about two men (Adam and his generations) and Christ (and His children).
2 GARDENS—Eden (where man fell into sin) and Gethsemane (where the Savior felt the weight of man’s sin)
2 TREES—tree of life, the cross (the tree where eternal life was given)
2 CITIES—Babylon (city of Satan), Jerusalem (city of God)

Revelation depicts the scene of the final days of sin and death’s reign on this planet.
1—the Commander in Chief
2-3—rally letters to the ambassadors (churches) prior to battle
The Commander takes His ambassadors home before the battle begins.
4-5—Music is prepared, battle plans are completed
6-19—Battle rages
20—King Jesus wins, conquers the enemy, and sets up His kingdom
21-22—eternal life with the King

Introduction: Before Creation, nothing existed but the Godhead.
John 1:1-4 Jesus Christ is God from all eternity past. He is eternal (pre-existent and forever in both directions—past and present), personal, and deity. He is Creator.
I. Creation
1. Colossians 1:15-18 Jesus Christ is the Architect (“in Him” local not instrumental idea); the Builder (“through the means of Him”); the Goal which everything is driving toward); and the Sustainer (holds all things together).
2. The creation of the Heavens and Earth took place in 6 days (24 hour literal days) approximately 6000 years ago (we live on a young earth).
3. 2 Kinds of subjects in God’s Kingdom—
A. Angels—ministering spirits (Heb. 1:14)—a fixed number (100 million plus thousands and thousands more Rev. 5:11; an innumerable number Heb 12:22)
B. Mankind—made in His image—male and female. God created the Earth fort His domain. He intended on having a “governor” to administer His rule over the Creation—SUBDUE, HAVE DOMINION (Gen. 1:26, 28). His Kingdom is a theocracy—“God-rule”. Adam and Eve were given physical bodies and personality so they could understand their environment and relate to God and freely obey His directions.

II. The Rebellion of Satan and his angels
1. Lucifer (one of 3 named angels; Gabriel and Michael)—grew proud and desired to overthrow God. He hoped to make himself king by establishing a kingdom that would usurp God’s authority.
2. Because of his rebellion, his name was changed to “Satan” adversary. He became an enemy of God and every member of God’s kingdom.
3. Satan needed subjects for his kingdom so he had to persuade other angels to join him (Ez. 28:16). A large number joined him (1/3 of angels—Rev. 12:7).
4. He organized his angels in various ranks (a counterfeit to God’s program—Eph. 6:11) to carry on his work of rebellion.

III. The Fall of Man—
1. The devil’s lie (enticement)– that God was keeping something from them and disobedience would not only satisfy them but give them true freedom. Instead of serving God they could be like God and be served. But the devil knew that disobedience to God would be obedience to him and he would have the right to be worshipped.
2. A series of consequences when Adam sinned against God. Adam passed these consequences to all of mankind except Jesus Christ (born of a virgin).
A. Adam’s whole nature was radically changed to a disposition of enmity to God and every aspect of Adam was now bent toward sin and self. As a result—Adam spiritually died. His relationship to God, the Source of life, was broken. He was transferred from God’s kingdom into a member of Satan’s kingdom of darkness (Col. 1:13).. He became a child of Satan headed to the same place as the devil and his wicked angels (Matt. 25:41).
B. Adam began to die physically. Disease, decay, weakness, and ultimately death was his wage. Adam also became susceptible to death by accidents, other hazards, murder….Man was a slave to sin and Satan, and feared death. This new king was a horrible taskmaster and offers only grief, depression, and death. Unsaved man willingly serves for that wage.
C. Adam lost his dominion over Earth and Satan gained it. Satan now became the prince of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2) and the god of this age (2 Cor. 4:4). He could rightly offer to Jesus all the kingdoms of this world if only Jesus would worship him (Matt. 4:8-10).
D. The entire Earth (and all creation) fell under the curse of sin. (Romans 8: 19-22) The soil became thorn infested. Animal kingdom went wild.
E. It appeared at that time that Satan was winning the battle. He had the Earth, 1/3 of the angels and all of mankind (all2 of them and their future children). But God had one thing to say about it!

IV. God’s promise of a Redeemer—
1. Genesis 3:15—the battle begins! God promises Satan’s defeat by the Seed of a woman. The Redeemer would undo all of the catastrophic events of the Fall. He would pay for man’s sin, defeat Satan, take back the Earth, rule as Perfect King.

Question: Which kingdom are you in? Where are you in the battle?