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A Panoramic View of the Bible – The Prophets



“The Prophet Daniel”

2 kingdoms—Put into simplest form, all history can be summed up by a conflict of 2 kingdoms. The kingdom of darkness (Satan’s rebellion) and the Kingdom ofLight (God’s rule).
1. Creation (Gen. 1-2) About 4000 BC
2. The rebellion of Satan and his angels (Is. 14, Ez. 28)
3. The fall of mankind (Gen. 3)
4. The promise of a Redeemer (Gen. 3:15)—the battle begins…
5. Cain murders Abel (Gen. 4)
6. The Satanic contamination of the race of mankind (Gen. 6)
7. The flood of Noah. (Gen. 6-9)
8. The establishment of Satan’s earthly kingdom–Babel (Gen. 10-11)
9. The unconditional covenant with Abraham (Gen. 12)—About 2000 BC
10. The nation Israel arises out of Egypt under Moses—Exodus
11. God raises up Joshua to bring His people Israel into the Promised Land. (Joshua)
12. After Joshua dies, there is not a leader for the nation—everyone did what
was right in their own eyes. Judges 21:25. (Judges)
13. Israel demands their own king. 1, 2 Kings and 1, 2 Chronicles.
14. The Civil War between the tribes.

15. God’s Blueprint for the Nations from Daniel’s prophecies.

Daniel 2 applications:
1. Human government is unstable (feet of iron and clay). Seek the Kingdom of God. A nation does not last based on its Constitution or Declaration of Independence but her righteousness (trust in the Lord). Psalm 33:10-12
2. Human government is deteriorating. As time goes the governments are less in value but greater in strength (gold to iron). As we go deeper into immorality, the force of government increases.

Daniel 7 applications:
1. Have hope—the Lord is returning and will set up His kingdom here on Earth. You be sure of that very thing. Daniel 7:18
2. God is in charge. He is the One who sets rulers up and puts them down. He allows governments to rule and when He chooses He will bring them down.
3. Since all of this will be burnt up (2 Peter 3), we ought to be living for something greater than this temporal realm. Our life on Earth is just a vapor and before you know it the end will have come and we want this Earthly life to glorify God. Don’t waste your life with worthless pursuits. The greatest tragedy is to become successful in things that don’t matter and lose out on the things that do count.

God’s Plan for the Nations
1. Daniel 2 “An Awesome Statue” – Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Material                   Kingdom

1. __________                __________

2.__________                __________

3.__________                __________

4.__________                __________

2. Daniel 7 “Four Great Beasts” – Daniels’ Dream

Animal                    Kingdom

1.__________              __________

2.__________             __________

3.__________             __________

4.__________             __________