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1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

“The Marks of a Healthy, Growing Church”

This letter is full of reminders and encouragement to stand fast and keep progressing in the faith!  It is not primarily a problem-solving letter seeking to change belief or behavior. 

  1. The Setting of 1 Thessalonians.(Date of letter:Late AD 50/early AD 51)
  2. The city of Thessaloniki, Greece, was the largest and most important city in the Roman province of Macedonia (northern part of Greece).  You could think of it a lot like Duluth.
  • It was a port city on the Thermaic Gulf (branch of the Aegean Sea)
  • It was built on a bluff. Mount Olympus was only about 60 miles away (This was regarded as the home of the Greek gods and the throne of Zeus).
  • The population was about 80,000.
  • It was located on the Egnatian Way, the major east-west highway of the Roman Empire as well as a main north-south highway. (Thessaloniki’s main street was part of that highway much like I-35 runs through Duluth).
  1. The Apostle Paul and his second missionary journey (Acts 16-17).
  1. 1:1-3 Praise for the Thessalonians present condition.

A work of faith—

A labor of love—

A patient hope—

In the sight of God the Father.

III.  1:  4-10  Reminding the Thessalonians of their past conversion and its results in their lives.

  1. a genuine conversion—received the gospel in power and the Holy Spirit (1:4-5)
  1. a genuine ____________________ of the Lord (1:6a)
  1. a joyful ____________________ in tribulation (1:6b)
  1. a_________________ that set an example for all believers (1:7)
  1. a ______________________ of the Word everywhere (1:8)
  1. a total __________________________ from idolatry (1:9)
  1. an expectant ______________ for the return of Christ (1:10)