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1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

“Qualities of Corporate Worship”

This letter is full of reminders and encouragement to stand fast and keep progressing in the faith!  It is not primarily a problem-solving letter seeking to change belief or behavior.

The church is a complex assembly of people including a variety of personalities.  There are leaders and followers (v. 12-13); weak in the faith and strong (v. 14-15); optimists and pessimists (v. 16-18) ; the cynical and the gullible (v. 19-22).  These must coexist in the church and learn to love one another and work with one another for the glory of God. 

The value of healthy relationships.

  1. Leaders who take their responsibility seriously.

A pastor works, leads, and admonishes. (5:12)

  1. People who love one another devotedly (5: 13-15)

The people recognize the pastor’s calling and respect his work.

Each of us warns the unruly, comforts the fainthearted, upholds the weak, is patient with all, and is kind to the evil.

Important Qualities of our Corporate Worship (5: 16-22)

  1. Be joyful in our outlook (5:16)
  1. Be persistent in prayer (5:17)
  1. Be grateful in attitude (5:18)
  1. Be filled with the Spirit (5:19)
  1. Be obedient to the Scriptures (5:20)
  1. Be discerning regarding truth (5:21)
  1. Abstain from every form of evil (5:22)